Junaioの公式チャンネル申請通りました。 ━Junaioで「takelab.note」って検索すると出てくる

2回の申請拒否を経て、やっとvalidate errorを取り除きました。Junaioに詳しい某A先輩によれば「WordPressベースのJunaioチャンネルは世界初」だそうです。真偽のほどは知りませんけど、そういわれると天狗になれます。


thank you for submitting your channel.
The validation process did not show any problems, so we have set your channel to active. Congratulations, from now on it will be available to all junaio users and we are sure our users will appreciate your AR experience

Please feel free to send us any material, such as images, pictures and videos, about your channel and we will discuss with our PR team how we can help promoting your channel. Writing a post on Facebook, in our blog or promoting it via Twitter is always a nice way of getting publicity 🙂
Sometimes, you have a little page prepared or some images. It would be great if you introduce your channel, no matter whether it is commercial, art or just for fun on our Facebook page.